Running Stairs – An Alternative Cardio Workout


Want something to shake up your cardio training routines? Look not further than stair running. Running stairs has been used by athletes for decades to get a seriously tough cardiovascular workout whilst simultaneously building lower body strength.

Leg muscles are forced to work much harder then when engaging in a normal running workout, you are causing them to push their limits causing them to increase their strength, power and endurance to combat the physical turbulence they are under-going when running stairs.

Running stairs develops power and muscle elasticity, as well as balance and flexibility. There are a huge variety of different stair exercises that will give you a full body workout – it is even possible to really target your abs whilst running stairs, these variations will strengthen your core muscles – vital if you want to develop a six pack.

Stair sprinting will rocket your heart rate and tax your lungs so that you are breathing heavily, it is one of the most potent ass workouts out there and will help you get a toned butt easier and quicker; burning fat, increasing endurance and building lung strength.

Anyone who is a regular reader of this site will know that I am a big fan of interval training at a high intensity – running stairs is perfect for this type of training. You can warm up by walking the stairs at first before moving onto a slow jog up the stairs. Finally start running stairs at a high intensity in short bursts, returning to your slow jog between sets.

A High Intensity Running Stairs Workout

Here is a running stairs workout that can be used by pretty much anybody, not matter your fitness level – if you find it too tough, simply scale it back!

First up, you’ll need to find a flight of approximately 30 stairs – perhaps there is a track with stadium seating nearby or even an apartment block or car park with a series of flights of stairs. Improvise and find something that you think could work.

1.) Once you have found your set of stairs or steps you need to begin your warm up. Walk up the stairs all the way to the top and back down again – continue this for 3-5 minutes or until you feel hot and are puffing slightly.

2.) As you finish your warm up return to the bottom of the stairs and then sprint up them with 100% effort.

3.) Once you reach the top, walk down to the bottom – this is the recovery phase.

4.) After reaching the bottom of the stairs, turn around and sprint up them again.

5.) Keep repeating this sequence. Depending on your fitness level you could complete anywhere between 3 and 15 sets – work until you feel like your have worked enough – your legs should feel rubbery and you should be breathing heavily.

You can make this entire running stairs routine more difficult by running for 20-30 minutes before you begin the stair workouts, you can also jog down from the top instead of walking during each recovery phase or use a weight vest – you can add more flights of stairs and increase your sets. As your conditioning improves there is such a wide variety of options with a running stairs workout – you can continually challenge your aerobic and anaerobic systems with this type of exercise.

Rocky Motivation For Fat Loss

No matter what area of your body you want to tone and define – a running stairs workout is a superb addition to your current cardio workout routines – it is one of the very best ways to build strength and endurance and ensure your butt, thighs and calves look great. Get pumped up and motivated and very soon you will feel like Rocky running up steps and punching the air knowing this fat loss workout is guaranteed to bring success.

If you are interested in learning a whole host of different running stairs workouts then be sure to check out Stair Exercises For Fitness where you will discover a unique running stairs system used by Hollywood celebrities, professional athletes and company CEOs. If you are serious about getting back in shape and want to lose the big butt you need to at least give this stuff a look!


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  1. Nancy Lodge says:

    I have been running stairs since January 2009, what a difference -my body fat is at fitness level now… at 53 I feel better than I ever have in my life! I run stairs on my lunch hour at work 4-5 times a week, I walk 10 miles on the weekends, and go dancing on Sunday nights!

  2. eldon says:

    Where I run/train there is no stairs so I drag tires. Pretty good but not as good as stairs

  3. Kim says:

    I have been running stairs for about a month so far. I can already see a change in my body. I do them about 4x a week for 20 min. Im also doing weights 3x a week. Its only been a month… i cant WAIT to see what i look like in 6 months!

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